Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can vehicles with particle filters be optimized, too?

Yes. The function of the particle filter is supervised by the engine control unit.When the filter is "loaded" , i.e. filled with soot, a purification process is started.This process is necessary, because the soot particles can only be oxidized with a certain operating temperature of the filter. This operating temperature is not reached in the partial load range e.g. during city trips or on the highway.The control unit supervises the loading condition by the exhaust counter-pressure. If the filter is filled accordingly, the temperature of the exhaust gas is artificially increased. This is done via additional injection as well as via throttling the supplied fresh air mass. The exhaust gas gets hotter and the filter empties itself by oxidation. During sporty driving with high load requirements the exhaust gas is getting hotter anyway and the filters is already cleaned during the normal operating cycles. Since the exhaust counter-pressure is higher in the loaded condition of the filter, higher temperatures can develop in the exhaust strand, which we consider during the optimization.

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