Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the optimization visible outside?

No. But of course the achievement is measurably e.g. on test stands. However nothing is to be regarded with the electronics. The diagnose units of garages can regularly be used and do not show any changes of the system.

Q: How is the expiration of a performance optimization?

It's your choice: Either the optimization is accomplished at our headquarter or one of our Tuning Points at your destination, or you send the control unit to us by mail. If you decide for the second variant, you have to remove the control unit on your own. Please note that the duration of the re-equipment takes at least 2 days because of the dispatch (by express package service). Controllers, which arrive before 11 o'clock are sent back on the same day. We recommend to do the perfomance optimization of your vehicle at one of our Tuning Points. The achievement optimization is mostly done over the standard OBD interface (Onboard diagnosis), like the manufactorer does. The serial software is first read out and then fitted with the characteristic diagrams, which we developed on our test stand and which was examinde by the engineers of an exhaust laboratory. The optimized software is programmed into the vehicle. This expiration needs about until two hours. Each of our software is developed in our Headquarter in Lindau (Bodensee) and examined carefully. If the optimization is done at one of our Tuning Points at your destination, the characteristic diagram data of your vehicle is read out with the same programming system. Afterwards the data are sent to our Headquarter, where the optimization takes place in the same quality. Of course we can adapt the expiration also individually on your desires.

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