Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I refuel my optimized vehicle with eco-diesel?

Of course you can. If the vehicle has a release for eco-diesel, there are no problems. Eco-diesel can damage seals, which are planned for it. The achievement optimization does not concern that.

Q: Why doesn't the manufacturer adjust the vehicle to the optimal value?

During the construction of an engine and the adjustment of the controller the manufacturer have to do a balancing act: insurance classes, different fuel qualities in different countries and a lack of maintenance shall not have an unfavorable effect on the car. In addition consideration to other vehicle classes in the company offer must be given. Engines are throttled with the software, in order to protect the price difference to the next higher vehicle category. Besides also the manufacturing tolerance can be important: if the vehicle is tested after production on the stand, it should be possibly raise the performance. In fact of that, tolerances are necessary. We offer an individual solution, which is adjusted perfectly to the habits and preferences of the car owner.

Q: Are there test reports on chip tuning?

Yes. We regulary provide informations about new developments for detailed tests to the spezialised press.

Q: Does the manufacturer notice the changes, for example with the service?

The chip behaves with the diagnosis neutrally, i.e. it is not to be recognized with the diagnose unit. The dealer can do all necessary diagnostic work without restriction.

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