Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is with an inspection?

The serial software contains diagnostic routines. However, these are not changed during the performance optimization. The electronic engine management remains thus completely diagnosticable and can be read out by the interface of the onboard diagnosis. The changed software is to be recognized not direct over diagnostic minutes. However higher attitudes can be based on the diagnose unit under load according to.The optimized software is to not be recognized directly by the diagnostic journal. However higher attitudes can be detected on the diagnosis unit under load.

Q: What is the maximum mileage?

The engine is impaired by an optimization during a small run achievement just as little as during an optimization with a very high run achievement. The general rule is that the total condition is decisive for the optimization. If the vehicle was duly waited and is in a technically perfect condition, nothing opposes an optimization. Therefore we examine all vehicles exactly before the optimization. If errors or lacks are located, we reject an performance optimization, until the problem is solved.

Q: Does the warranty of the manufacturer expires automatically with an optimization?

The general rule is every vehicle manufacturer is responsible for his products. Thus the work warranty remains valid, if it concerns lacks which are not effected by the performance optimization. Nevertheless some manufacturers state, the achievement optimization would be responsible for damages in the engine range. Therefore our special warranty is recommended. We offer on our software 5 years warranty. Optionally you can lock one of our warranty's, which secures you with possible damage within the range engine, transmission and drive.

Q: How long is the warranty on the optimization valid?

The components used by us are quality construction units of the computer industry. They have the same or better specifications as those the vehicle manufacturer use. Thereforewe give a five years warranty on all inserted components and the software. In addition we optionally offer a full engine warranty. It includes all possibly arising damage of the engine, transmission or drive strand of your vehicle. It is a manufacturer-continuative warranty and emphasizes our high requirement to a high-quality products. Please also read our guarantee conditions. This warranty replaces the warranty of the vehicle manufacturer. The warranty of the manufacturer manufacturer can become invalid, if the controller has been modified.

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